AFRRCS: firefighter using radio

How to Make Transitioning to AFRRCS Simple

The city of Edmonton started the process of switching all their emergency communications to the Alberta First Responders Radio Communications System (AFRRCS) in 2016. The purpose behind migrating Alberta agencies to the AFRRCS was to provide a more efficient and connected way for first responders to communicate with one another across services and jurisdictions. We at WCI Whyte Communications Inc. want everyone in Alberta to know about the benefits offered by transitioning your agency's communications system to AFRRCS. 

Read on to learn what they are.

What are the benefits of transitioning to an AFRRCS system?

The main reason that the province of Alberta chose to institute the AFRRCS is that it increases the interoperability of first response agencies and organizations. In other words, it's not a communications system meant specifically for fire departments or law enforcement. It's a system that is meant to help all first responders communicate and appropriately dispatch resources where they're needed most. 

Similarly, the AFRRCS transition is not just meant to benefit urban areas. With 95% coverage throughout Alberta, the new system is meant to benefit all first responders, whether they serve rural, urban or suburban communities. If your agency needs the most extensive and reliable communications network for first responders, AFRRCS is a great choice.

What's the easiest way to transition a communications system?

Our experts at WCI Whyte Communications Inc. don't just provide the physical radios, coverage extenders and vehicle repeaters that first responders need to do their jobs effectively. They also help with a variety of other aspects of your communications network, including:

• Developing an operations architecture, a support policy and assorted procedures
• Fleet mapping and the construction of talk groups
• Day-to-day fleet management tasks, such as programming radios and the configuration and management of dispatch consoles and voice loggers
• Trouble shooting system problems
• Monitoring system agency performance at a systems level
• Maintaining a system database (adding and deleting users and talk groups, for example)

If you're considering migrating to the AFRRCS to join many of Alberta's first responders in the network, contact us at WCI Whyte Communications Inc. today.