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Professional 2-way Radios for Edmonton & Across Western Canada

The safety of your team is our priority. We provide top-quality, two-way radios for clients in Edmonton, Alberta and across Western Canada – including the territories – for efficient, uninterrupted communication. 

What are 2-way radios?

A two-way radio is a high-end, feature-rich radio that can receive and transmit radio signals. They are often compared to walkie talkies, however, these communication devices have several key differences. For example, two-way radios are higher-end and more durable, making them ideal for harsher work environments.

At WCI Whyte Communications Inc., we supply, program, install and repair two-way radios for your convenience. We understand the importance behind the immediate and reliable communication that two-way radios provide, as well as the capability of using minimum RF channel resources that two-way radios perform for group communication.

What are the benefits of 2-way radio communication?

Wireless technology needs differ from one industry or organization to the next. Two-way radios are the superior choice for those who require a communication system that is:

  • Instant
  • Clear
  • Mobile
  • Dependable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Cost effective   

Read more about why two-way radios are our clients' preferred method of communication, here

What Industries are Two-way Radios suited for?

Two-way radios are ideal for organizations and industries with large job sites and teams that rely on instant communication. For example, construction workers on a busy and noisy job site depend on clear communication with multiple crew members at once. And for police and other first responders at the scene of an emergency where every second counts, immediate and seamless communication is paramount for their safety and public safety. In these cases, two-way radios are the clear choice, as they allow you to communicate and receive immediate attention with only a press of a button. Organizations and industries that use two-way radios include:

  • First responders: police, fire, emergency medical services, disaster recovery agencies
  • Construction companies
  • Oil & gas companies
  • Security organizations
  • Hospitals
  • Event management
  • Airports
  • Delivery companies
  • Electrical, plumbing, roofing contractors

In short, industries that require high-quality communication are ideal candidates for two-way radios. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, WCI Whyte Communications Inc. connects agencies across Western Canada with two-way radios that meet their communication needs. We have two-way radios that have Bluetooth functionality and are ready for operation in any environment. 

For assistance with choosing a two-way radio communication system that meets your needs, get in touch with us today. 

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